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Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

Climatic extremes like floods, drought, tsunami, hurricane, are difficult to predict because of different uncertainties in the current forecasting system. It is said that the best method is to make ourself prepared to face this extreme. This course focused on the use of GIS and remote sensing for the analysis of spatial information on hazard, vulnerability . And how the results obtained can be use for risk assessment.

Whom is course relevant?

The course is relevant for a students, engineers and professionals working in related field.

What will be achieved?

On completion of this course, participants should be able to.

  • How to obtaining spatial data for different assessment.
  • Generate risk maps using different methods mainly qualitative and quantitative
  • How to used of risk assessment  for risk reduction and disaster preparedness.
  • Case study of drought event of Mozambique.

What is the course content?


  1. Understanding the concept of  hazard, risk, vulnerability
  2. Obtaining spatial data for risk assessment
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Vulnerability assessment
  5. Hazard assessment
  6. Risk management