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Modelling Natural Resources Degradation

The course aim to develop the knowledge of degradation rate and process of natural resources along with the conservation measures that are necessary. Time series analysis of satellite images, surface hydrology and erosion modeling will be focused for understanding land use change and determining other factors for natural resources degradation.

Whom is course relevant?

The course is relevant for a students, engineers and professionals working in related field.

What will be achieved?

On completion of this course, participants should be able to.

  • Use of GIS and Remote Sensing on analysis of natural resources degradation.
  • Understanding the roles of different stakeholders involved.
  • Capable to determine the best solution among others.
  • Case study with real information on land use change and erosion method (Nepal and India)

What is the course content?

  1.   Different types of natural resources degradation their rates and process
  2. Different methods to lower the degradation process
  3. Use of GIS and Remote sensing for the analysis  of spatial data.
  4. Surface hydrology and erosion model to quantify the degradation process.
  5. Case study with real data from Nepal and India.