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Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in Natural resource management

The course aim to develop natural resource management in order to mitigate environmental problems. In recent years, there has arisen an increased awareness and understanding of the importance of geographic information and its application to support decision-making in natural resources and landscape management there has a significant increase in the use of geographical information and its  application in order for a decision making

Whom is course relevant?

The course is relevant for a students, engineers and professionals working in related field.

What will be achieved?

On completion of this course, participants should be able to.

  1.         Principal concepts and techniques of geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS)
  2.         Developing hands-on skills in using software tools.
  3.         How to design and carry out sequential data processing steps for solving typical application problems in natural resources management.

What is the course content?

  1.         Introduction to natural resources management.
  2.         Principles of GIS and RS
  3.         Spatial data analysis tools
  4.         Data acquisition by remote sensing
  5.         Image classification and interpretation
  6.         Spatial data visualization
  7.         Quality assessment of spatial data
  8.         Data interpretation and analysis for land resource inventory
  9.         GIS tools for landscape analysis and land use planning.
Kathmandu, Nepal
15 Days
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