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Numerical Modelling

Surface water modelling is expert in simulation models and database software designed to quantify movement and concentration of contaminants in lakes, streams, estuaries, and marine environments.

Flood Hydrology has extensive experience in flood risk management and working with developers, planning consultants, local authorities and statutory bodies to provide expert help on

  • Hydrological assessment of rivers, reservoir, breach analysis and potential overtopping of flood defences
  • Surface Water Management Plans
  • Flood Evacuation Plans
  • Analysis of Impact, Risk and Vulnerability of Flood.
  • Negotiation with Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies

Rainfall – run off

Precipitation, percolation, transpiration and interception and runoff which is essential for the determination of different factors during the design of water related projects. helps to quantify this parameters with the help of latest developed methods and instruments.

Groundwater modelling

We conduct groundwater simulation models and database software designed to quantify the movement and concentration of subsurface contaminants