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Groundwater Level /Discharge

Groundwater Level /Discharge : Water level recorder WR-GPRS-compact

Product of : UIT, Germany

  • Automatic measurement of water level and temperature (option)
  • Applicable from 2ground water monitoring wells on
  • Flood-proof, IP 68 – option
  • Internal antenna, optional extern
  • Easier battery and SIM card change
  • USB interface

Groundwater Level /Discharge : Water level measuring system OFW-GPRS

Product of : UIT, Germany

  • Contact-free water level measurement
  • Parameter monitoring including optional alarm notification
  • Integrated data transmission technology
  • Can be combined with a camera to capture images

Groundwater Level /Discharge : Discharge measuring system SENSOflow

Product of : UIT, Germany

  • Contact-free discharge measurement
  • Direct calculation of discharge in the device SENSOflow
  • Already applicable at low flow rates
  • Combinable with a camera for visual monitoring of the current situation